At FREECHOICE Vending, we are here to always help you make the right choice when it comes to purchasing products through our vending machines.

FREECHOICE now offers the convenience of credit card facilities on its vending machines, so now you can insert swipe or wave your credit or debit card quickly and easily.


At FREECHOICE Vending, we are here to always help you make the right choice when it comes to purchasing products through our vending machines. FREECHOICE now offers the convenience of credit card facilities on its vending machines, so now you can insert swipe or wave your credit or debit card quickly and easily


This statement sets out our, FREECHOICE Vending Australia Pty Ltd’s, policies relating to your personal information.

Your personal information is important. Most private sector organisations in Australia must, by law, comply with the National Privacy Principles ("NPPs"). We will comply with all laws, including the NPPs, introduced to protect your privacy and have implemented a company wide program to ensure compliance by our employees.

Collecting and using information.
The only personal information we collect about you is what you tell us about yourself when you fill in a form, send us an e mail or speak to one of our representatives. This information may include your name, e-mail and mailing addresses, contact numbers and date of birth. We will record your e-mail address if you send us an e-mail, and it will only be used for the purpose for which you have provided it. We also collect information obtained as a result of credit checks that you authorise us to carry out.

We use your personal information for the purpose for which it has been provided. This may include using your personal information for the following purposes:

  • to provide you with the products or services you requested;
  • to assess your application for the provision of credit;
  • to assess your application for employment; or
  • to accept your application to participate in promotions run by us.

We may also use it to tell you about other products and services of FCVA. We will not sell personally identifiable information that you give us to any third party. We use technology to collect information about traffic through our Internet site. However, we cannot identify you from that information. We use the information gathered to make the site more user-friendly and relevant for your needs.

Disclosure of information.
We may disclose your personal information to third party organisations such as mailing and printing houses and IT providers, who may assist us in providing, or provide on our behalf, services to you. In such cases we have taken steps to ensure that any third party access to personal information complies with the NPPs. We will also disclose your personal information where we are required or authorised by law to do so.

Security of your personal information.
We take all reasonable steps to secure any personal information which we hold about you and to keep this information accurate and up-to-date. Personal information is stored either electronically or in hard copy and appropriate information security measures are in place to protect this information.

Our website does not provide facilities for the secure transmission of information across the Internet. Users should be aware that there are inherent risks transmitting information across the Internet.

You should keep us informed about all changes to your personal information. To do this, send an e-mail to us using the ‘Contact Us’ link on our website: advise a sales representative or call us on 1300 881 095.

Complaints and questions.
In most cases, you have a right to access the personal information, that we hold about you.

Requests for access should be directed to our Human Resources Officer, whose contact details are set out below. If you would like further information about how we manage your personal information, or if you have any queries relating to our Privacy Policy, or have a problem or wish to lodge a complaint in relation to an alleged breach of your privacy, please contact us by calling us on 1300 881 095, sending an e-mail to us using the ‘Contact Us’ field on our website, or writing to us at the following address:

FREECHOICE Vending Australia Pty Ltd
Attention: Human Resources
1 Kohl Street, Upper Coomera, QLD, 4209

Sending a fax to FREECHOICE Vending Australia Pty Ltd
Facsimile: 07 5529 9350

Changes to this Privacy Policy.
From time to time it may be necessary for us to review and revise this Privacy Policy. We reserve the right to amend this Privacy Policy at any time and to notify you by posting an updated version of the Privacy Policy on this website. You should periodically refer to the document


1. By choosing to purchase product using your credit card you agree to the Terms set out below. Purchases will be deemed to have been received by FREECHOICE Vending Australia Pty Ltd (FVA) at the time an electronic receipt number is provided to you and/ your bank.
2. By completing your purchase by either inserting, swiping or waving your credit card in or in front of the credit card reader installed on a FVA vending machine, you authorise FVA to debit the designated amount (including any stated additional charges) from your nominated debit or credit card using a secure payment gateway. If a transaction on your nominated card is declined by your financial institution, FVA cannot proceed with the transaction. You are required to ensure there is enough credit in the nominated bank account to which the chosen credit or debit card is linked to.
3. Amounts debited to your nominated bank account and amounts credited to your bank account under these terms will only be denominated in Australian dollars.
4. You can obtain an electronic record of your transactions by contacting your Bank or by viewing your account transaction records online through your Bank.
5. Your credit or debit card may only be used to purchase FVA tobacco products ("FVA Product") at any designated FVA vending machine bearing the “PAY BY CREDIT CARD” decals, provided: a. the machine is equipped with an operational card reader; b. your card has a sufficient balance to purchase the selected FVA Product; and c. your card has not been cancelled or blocked.
6. FVA may change these Terms and/or related material (such as the “Insert, Swipe, Wave” guide at its discretion. Updated Terms and Conditions or related materials will be published on this website.
7. You have certain rights under trade practices law which cannot be excluded, including that FVA products purchased are of merchantable quality and reasonably fit for their purpose and that any services delivered by FVA under these Terms will be rendered with due care and skill. Subject to those rights: (a) no refunds will be given in respect of FVA products purchased using your credit or debit card (VISA or MASTERCARD); and (b) FVA's liability is otherwise limited to replacing FVA products purchased using your nominated credit or debit card.
8. You acknowledge and agree that FVA does not hold any value on your card on deposit or on trust and no interest or other earnings will be paid to you in respect of your card.
9. FVA administers all card transactions. FVA may collect personal/sales history information from you. Personal information collected from you will be handled in accordance with FVA Privacy policy outlined on this page.
10. FVA has not subscribed to The Electronic Funds Transfer Code of Conduct.
11. You should hold your nominated credit or debit card securely, as any person holding the card may be able to use it to purchase FVA products.
12. If your nominated credit or debit card is lost or stolen, you should immediately call the Bank to which the card was issued by, to report the loss. FVA accepts no responsibility for lost and/or stolen cards used in its vending machines credit card readers, however, FVA will use best endeavours to block and/or cancel any reported lost and/or stolen cards n your name.
13. If you think there has been a mistaken or unauthorised transaction involving your nominated credit or debit card and/or in debiting your nominated account you should contact FVA on 1300 881 095 as soon as possible so that your query can be investigated in a timely manner.
14. If your credit or debit card is, or becomes, faulty or has been lost or stolen, it will be your sole responsibility to notify the Bank who issued it.
15. Your credit or debit card may not be accepted by our credit card readers on the vending machines if it is defaced, mutilated, altered or tampered with in any way.
16. FVA reserves the right to cancel any transaction, or for any reason at any time. In circumstances where your card is blocked or transaction is cancelled by FVA, FVA may either provide you with a refund unless FVA reasonably suspects fraud in relation to your attempted transaction.
17. You acknowledge that the internet can be an unstable and, sometimes, insecure marketplace. At times the website may not be available, or transactions may not be processed or may not be accepted for reasons beyond our control. In these circumstances FVA accepts no responsibility. FVA does not warrant and cannot ensure the security of any information which you transmit to us. Accordingly, any information which you transmit to FVA through the website, including your nominated card details, is transmitted at your own risk and FVA is not responsible while such information is in transit. The Australian Government has published additional information about protecting yourself in on-line transactions. This is available at:


FREECHOICE Vending Australia Pty Ltd has a full refund policy.* We guarantee to refund you if you lose any money due to vending equipment malfunction (including any malfunction of the mounted credit card unit), or if you are not satisfied with your purchase.

For any refund request, you are encouraged to call FREECHOICE Vending Australia Pty Ltd, in the first instance, if you believe that you have a genuine case for a legitimate refund on 1300 881 095.

Under no circumstance is a venue Owner/ Management liable or responsible for issuing you with a refund due to unexpected problems with the vending unit dispensing the product at your request.

If you happen to be in the vicinity of a malfunctioning vending machine at the same time any of our FREECHOICE Vending Fillers are present, you may raise the problem with them, but no refund will be supplied by a FREECHOICE Vending Filler until FREECHOICE Vending Australia Pty Ltd has had the opportunity to review your request, look at any relevant video surveillance, checked electronic activity records of the vending machine in question and spoken to the venue Owner/ Management about any additional information or circumstances relevant to the claim.

Under the Trade Practices Act 1974 you may seek a refund if goods:
  • are or become faulty through no fault of your own
  • are not fit for a stated purpose or a purpose you made known to either the venue Owners/ Management or our vending staff
  • don’t match our description or sample
  • have defects that were not obvious or we did not bring to your attention.

However, the goods must be returned within a one week period and you may be asked for proof of purchase. You may also be asked to demonstrate that the problem with the goods was not your fault.

In the event of a vending machine malfunction, you are encouraged to contact FREECHOICE Vending Australia Pty Ltd on 1300 881 095 within seven working days of the malfunction.

If you prefer an alternative to a refund, we can arrange for goods to be exchanged or repaired.

A credit may be offered at the discretion of FREECHOICE Vending Australia Pty Ltd.

Please choose carefully as you are not entitled to a refund if you simply change your mind.

Please keep your receipt as proof of purchase.

FREECHOICE Vending Australia Pty Ltd 2013


If you experience any difficulty or have problems with any of our vending machines, or notice a vending machine out of order, you are encouraged to contact us immediately on 1300 881 095 or via email as shown on the “Contact Us” link on this site.

The following information is required from you when submitting a request for a refund from our credit card vending machines:

  • Date on which the problem occurred
  • Your full name
  • Your date of birth
  • Method of identification (such as a valid Australian driver’s licence number)
  • Your current address
  • Mobile number
  • Telephone number (additional)
  • Amount being claimed
  • Bank name associated with the credit card used
  • Visa or MasterCard
  • Name on credit card used
  • Credit or debit card number appearing on card
  • Expiry date of card
Please Note:
If your refund is approved, it will be returned to the same bank account the original card is linked to. Under no circumstances will refunds be issued to other bank accounts either in yours or another person’s name.